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Why Hentsū

Meet Hentsū – systematically applying technology to accelerate asset management agility.


Asset management needs to be as agile as possible, and agility equals opportunity. The Hentsū vision is technological adaptability and resourcefulness to solve asset management challenges.


Hentsū is the first managed service provider for hedge funds and systematic trading strategies built on the 3 major cloud platforms: Amazon AWS, Google, and Microsoft Azure. We deliver a full managed service, focusing on automation, time to market, choice, cost efficiency and scale.


Hentsū grew out of the needs of asset managers to evolve beyond the traditional resource and capital heavy IT model, allowing managers to scale up or down, pivot strategies, and adapt to changing market opportunities at a moment notice – securely, efficiently and on demand.


The Hentsū team comes from demanding trading, trading services and cloud technology backgrounds. We know what matters, we aim to be the smartest technologists at the table, and the smartest asset management technologists. The perfect blend of skills and expertise to build for and support the next generation asset managers.