Weekly Cloud Trends – Cloud AI Helps You Weather the Storm

As technology turns more and more towards innovation through cloud computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Through various methodologies, companies and businesses are able to adapt and grow despite the otherwise turbulent digital market. This week we see how Google pushes the limits of AI-based tech, Amazon strives to make a mark in the video game streaming market and more.

Discover the latest and hottest Weekly Cloud Trends below.

Cloud AI Can Help You Survive the Storm

The waters of today’s business scene are murky and relentless. Companies strive to weather the storm through digital transformation, embracing the public cloud and new technologies.

Bearing that in mind, diverse innovative tech is flooding the market in the form of cloud-native artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) services. Businesses are working hard to use these technologies solve incredibly challenging problems. Some of these problems include ending the pandemic. That’s where the power of AI comes into play.

Check out the following snippet:

You can use pre-packaged AI services and models from major cloud providers to do such things. For example, Google Cloud’s AI-enabled services include:

  • Recommendations AI – To deliver highly personalized product recommendations.
  • Vision AI – To derive insights from images in the cloud.
  • Dialogflow – To build virtual agents and other conversational experiences.

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Oracle’s TikTok and Zoom Deals Won’t Move Cloud Market Share Needle Significantly

The year 2020 has seen a big boost for the cloud infrastructure market, which topped an impressive $30 billion last quarter. Regardless, “Oracle is struggling with market share in the low single digits. It is hoping that the Zoom and TikTok deals can jump start those numbers, but trying to catch the market leaders Amazon, Microsoft and Google, never mind several other companies ahead of it, is going to take a lot more than a couple of brand name customers.”

“Oracle’s cloud infrastructure services growth has been consistently below overall IaaS and PaaS market growth rates so its market share has [actually] been nudging downward. Zoom may be a good win but it is unlikely to move the needle too much — and remember Zoom  also buys cloud services from AWS,” John Dinsdale, chief analyst at Synergy Research Group, explained.

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Amazon’s Luna Cloud Gaming Already Seems Much Different to Google Stadia

Cloud gaming is becoming a huge deal. With the ongoing health crisis, the tech market is making a huge turn towards cloud services and cloud computing in general. It’s been a year that Google launched its cloud-based console, Stadia.

Now, Amazon is keen to take its own stab at cloud gaming. The recently uncovered Amazon Luna service is going to make a stand on the streaming games market. To sum up, we now have Google Stadia, Microsoft’s Game Pass Ultimate, Sony’s PlayStation Now and Amazon’s Luna, all competing in the games streaming race.

Amazon Luna features a controller similar to what Google created for its Stadia console. Luna also has Alexa available on it, and a range of features and apps available.

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