Weekly Cloud Trends – Cloud Satellites & Carbon Footprints

As the world economy braces itself for the end of a rather turbulent year, there is a growing concern as to how major corporations are handling energy consumption. Various reports are indicating the importance of why these companies need to focus on being as eco-friendly as possible.

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The Carbon Footprint of AI and Cloud Computing

Many are beginning to question the energy spend of the market’s biggest cloud providers. The question is pointed at certain companies while keeping AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology, and cloud computing in the crosshairs.

The good news is that both AI and cloud continue to deliver valuable solutions to the climate crisis. Nonetheless, reports are coming in that “AI systems and cloud computing will need to clean up their own energy bills.”

Contrary to this particular report, most of the top cloud providers have already made gigantic efforts to ensure that their tech and systems remain green – as we have reported back in May 2020.

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Microsoft Partners with Satellite Providers for Mobile Cloud Computing

Last week we reported that leading cloud industry players, Microsoft has launched a portable data center, created to bring cloud computing to remote environments. Now the news is official as MS, partners with satellite providers “to help bring cloud computing to remote locations via its new modular data center.”

Word is that “Partnerships with satellite providers like Space X and SES Networks will provide modular data centers with broadband connectivity through Space X’s Starlink and SES Networks 03B internet satellites. In the event of a network disruption, traffic will automatically be moved to a backup satellite connection so essential services can continue to run. Along with its satellite partners, Microsoft has also launched its Azure Space initiative to highlight Azure as a key provider of storage, connectivity, and cloud computing to the space industry.”

The data center can also be utilized as a kind of mobile command center for humanitarian assistance, mineral exploration, and military missions.

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Cloud Computing in Automotive Market 2020, Stats

The story of cloud market growth continues, as key companies in the industry mark a jump in global cloud Computing in the automotive market. This, of course, refers to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, as the leading players.

Here’s the story: “The report is mindfully designed and presented to deliver an all-inclusive version of the detailed market study and analytical review. The report takes note of multiple parameters such as region-wise developments with country-specific developments, besides highlighting dominant trends that tend to incur high-potential growth spurt in global Cloud Computing in the Automotive market.”

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