Weekly Cloud Trends – A Glimpse into the Future of Cloud

Looking at the current cloud market trends is like a quick glimpse into the future. Whatever innovative technology is on the menu, you can be sure that the big players are investing.

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The State of Machine Learning in 2020

To overcome the hardships of 2020, quite a lot of companies are looking for pioneering technologies as the means to carry out. Certain businesses are not only managing to endure that way but are also flourishing. Apart from cloud computing, machine learning and AI are on the radar as well. According to the latest reports, firms are investing in the benefits of deep learning and ML.

Here’s a snippet: “Along with questions about AI adoption and implementation, the McKinsey State of AI report examines companies whose AI applications led to EBIT growth of 20% or more in 2019. Among the report’s findings: Respondents from those companies were more likely to rate C-suite executives as very effective, and the companies were more likely to employ data scientists than other businesses were.”

Moreover, “At rates of difference of 20% to 30% or more compared to others, high-performing companies were also more likely to have a strategic vision and AI initiative road map, use frameworks for AI model deployment, or use synthetic data when they encountered an insufficient amount of real-world data. These results seem consistent with a Microsoft-funded Altimeter Group survey conducted in early 2019 that found half of high-growth businesses planned to implement AI in the year ahead.”

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Achieving 100% Renewable Energy with 24/7 Monitoring in Microsoft Sweden

Microsoft is known for making a commitment to creating 100% renewable energy supply for their buildings and datacenters by the year 2025. Remember, back in May 2020, we have seen how other major cloud providers are competing to have the “greenest way to store data.”

Here’s the buzz on the company’s latest effort in that department: “Today, we are announcing that Microsoft will be the first hyper-scale cloud provider to track hourly energy consumption and renewable energy matching in a commercial product using the Vattenfall 24/7 Matching solution for our new datacenter regions in Sweden, which will be available in 2021.”

Find out more at Microsoft’s blog.

Salesforce in Talks to Buy Slack

Cloud-based software company Salesforce has unveiled its intentions to purchase Slack, the well-known business communication platform.

You might think Salesforce is not too big a player in the cloud game, but nothing can be farther from the truth.

Fortune reports that “Microsoft is the playing the long game too. In addition to battling Slack with Microsoft Teams, it has got Dynamics, its own Salesforce-fighting customer-relationship management software. But as the number two cloud-computing business behind only Amazon, Microsoft has less to worry about than Google, which may be provoked by Salesforce’s swaggering to make a bold bet on collaboration software of its own in the coming months.”

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