Webinar: Microsoft Modern Workplace – Security and Stability

Webinar - Security with Microsoft 365 Tools

Join our next installment of the Microsoft Modern Workplace Webinar Series focusing on Safety and Stability.

Event starts on Wednesday, May 6th at 10am EST / 3pm BST.

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As COVID-19 spreads its destructive wings across the globe, people are finding ways to fight, survive, stay safe, and work safe. It’s not easy converting a high-level corporate working environment into a smooth-running, fully operational home office setup. Despite the setbacks and difficulties brought on by COVID-19, the modern-day technology realm continues to thrive. What’s more to the point, numerous businesses are shifting their gaze towards cloud-based services. That’s where MS Azure and MS 365 native tools step in.

Meanwhile, there are other issues arising from the current global health crisis. Stability and safety are obviously a widespread concern. In addition, cyber security is fast becoming a hot topic, but corporations are finding ways to cope with the situation. It’s easy to get the necessary tooling and support to help you overcome the challenges of today’s hectic workspace. For example, cloud adoption is a unique and efficient way for large asset managers, and trading firms to handle sudden bursts of traffic or heavy financial-related workloads. Migrating to the public cloud means you’ve chosen a safer business environment that’s auditable thanks to API-level transparency. And, the beauty part is that it’s up to you to establish the level of accessibility and encryption for sensitive data.

We delve deeper into the matter with the latest addition to the Microsoft Modern Workplace Series. Public cloud experts at Hentsu take the reins on this one, offering an extensive overview of the benefits of setting up a stable and secure corporate-style workflow at home.

So, in this episode you’ll be hearing from:

  • Marko Djukic – CEO of Hentsu
  • Chris Chalmers – Senior Solutions Architect at Hentsu

We’ll be touching on the following topics:

  • Mobile Application and Device Protection
  • Conditional Access
  • Cloud App Security