The Power of the Public Cloud

The public cloud market has grown and changed over the years. With each step of the way, Hentsū continues to accumulate experience and knowledge on how to adapt and stay agile.

In this interview, we cover more than just the public cloud and how it’s shaping the current market, but also cloud trends, the progress of serverless computing, growth of data, an increase of quant workloads, and more. Companies are fighting to stay afloat by disregarding traditional services such as delivering servers and infrastructure. This makes room for new solutions, fresh tech, more agile services to deliver business value directly to our clients.

With a clear goal and a solid strategy, companies get closer and closer to their business targets. All of this is enabled quickly thanks to the amazing potential of public cloud and the tooling that comes with it.

What Are the Advantages of Public Cloud?

Businesses can utilize different software as a service (SaaS) propositions. They can also rely on scalability, flexibility, and better ROI. Of course, the idea behind public cloud enablement is not just to have a powerful infrastructure at your fingertips. Primarily, it is about modernizing your business and making it more resilient.

With public cloud computing, you consume as you need, opposed to buying upfront.
Marko Djukic, Hentsū

That’s not all. The key focus here is that everything is powered by code and everything is driven by code. Bearing that in mind, Hentsū always had the ability to adapt and stay focused in today’s business world.

Marko Djukic, CEO, and founder of Hentsū, reflects on the advantages of the public cloud in asset management, the enhanced security it delivers, and the evolution of data science it enables. Read the interview to learn more: The Power of the Public Cloud


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