Hentsu Weekly Tech News Round-up

During the previous week, we’ve hand-picked some of the hottest and inspiring scoops from the current tech news scene. Primarily, we are keeping an eye on the public cloud spaces and cloud computing in general.

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Amazon, Microsoft, Google: Here’s Who Has the Greenest Cloud

The folks over at Wired have dished out an interesting piece on how major cloud providers are competing over energy consumption and having, shall we say, the greenest way to store data.

Here’s a snip: “Microsoft has also been investing in research meant to increase the energy efficiency of its existing and future data centers. Last year, the company began experimenting with data centers on the ocean floor, which could lower or eliminate cooling and other energy costs. Microsoft has also been exploring fuel cells as a means to power its data centers. Like Google, Microsoft uses machine learning to improve the efficiency of its data center infrastructure. It also runs a grant program that provides cloud computing credits for researchers working on climate-related issues.”

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How COVID-19 is Reshaping the Digital Landscape

COVID-19 has made a massive impact on global health and is about to make an equally massive impact on the world economy. Detailed analysis and reports are coming in as to how the IT sector and the online digital scene are coping with it. Specifically, the and the realm of cloud computing have experienced major growth.

Here’s a sample of our own wisdom on the subject: “IT decision makers are pouring their efforts into modern tech solutions to help companies establish remote work infrastructure all throughout April and May. The cloud market for one has become a shining example of streamlining complex enterprise workflows during these difficult times.”

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Microsoft Sends a New Kind of AI Processor Into the Cloud

So, it appears that cloud industry giant Microsoft, is pushing the power of AI apps to new heights, with an innovative chip from Graphcore.

Here’s a quick tidbit: “Microsoft hopes to extend the popularity of its Azure cloud platform with a new kind of computer chip designed for the age of AI. Starting today, Microsoft is providing Azure customers with access to chips made by the British startup Graphcore.”

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Biggest Cloud Providers in 2020

When we’re talking about cloud computing, everyone has a pretty clear idea of who the top players are, but how are they doing int 2020?

Here’s the scoop: “Picking the top cloud services provider isn’t easy given that the answer — much like enterprise software and IT in general — boils down to “it depends.” Whether it’s Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud platform in infrastructure as a service, or IBM, Dell Technologies, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, and VMware in multi-cloud hybrid deployments, there are multiple variables for each enterprise.”

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