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Microsoft recently had a flurry of announcements about Office 365 and especially Microsoft Teams. Below, we highlight  some of the key changes important to the asset management space. 

Microsoft: Now Available 

Outlook on the web - Conditional Access 

Office 365 can now set up policies that block users from downloading files from Outlook on the web to non-compliant devices. This helps provide more flexibility on the go, but still retains a good degree of security around your company files. 

Azure AD Password Protection 

Azure AD Password Protection helps you eliminate easily guessed passwords from your environment, which can dramatically lower the risk of being compromised by a password spray attack. Specifically, these features let you:  

  • Protect accounts in Azure AD and Windows Server Active Directory by preventing users from using passwords from a list of more than 500 of the most commonly used passwords, plus over 1-million character substitution variations of those passwords.  
  • Manage Azure AD Password Protection for Azure AD and on-premises Windows Server Active Directory from a unified admin console. 

Update to Exchange Mailbox Auditing – Mailboxes Audited by Default and New Mailbox Actions to Audit 

To ensure clients have access to critical audit data to investigate security or regulatory incidents in their tenancy when required, the Exchange Online service introduces a configuration that automatically enables mailbox auditing on all applicable mailboxes to users of the Commercial service. With this update, it is no longer required to configure the per-mailbox audit setting for the service to begin storing security audit data. These actions are of high interest to understand the activities that are taking place within the tenant. 

Combined Password Reset & MFA Registration 

Microsoft released a preview of a new user experience that allows users to register security info for multi-factor authentication (MFA) and password reset in a single experience. Now when a user registers security info such as their phone number for receiving verification codes, that number can also be used for resetting a password. Likewise, users can change or delete their security info from a single page, making it easier to keep information up-to-date. 

Outlook Calendar: Option to Block Forwarding of Meeting Invites 

Meeting organizers have the option to prevent attendees from forwarding a meeting invitation. This option is available only for users in Office 365. In the first release, the option to prevent forwarding is available when creating or editing meetings in Outlook on the web, but the option will become available in Outlook for Windows shortly after. 

In Development: To Keep an Eye On 

Admin tool: TeamSite Auto-Mount 

Admins can specify TeamSite Libraries that they want their users to automatically sync with OneDrive for Business. 

Passwordless Sign-in for Work Accounts 

Microsoft Authenticator mobile app now supports sign-in with your face/fingerprint or device PIN to your work accounts. You can take out the security risk of passwords and have the convenience of using a device you already own and carry with you. This option can be configured by administrators in the Azure Active Directory. 

For more Information on the latest Microsoft updates check out the roadmap here.


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Automating your trading

As smart technologists, we are always encouraged by efforts to support the next generation. Automated Trader is, we believe, blazing a trail in terms of ensuring the trading community stays ahead of the curve. Automated Trader and Hentsu - Financial Services Cloud Adoption Trends Featuring insights from both academics and practitioners alike, Automated Trader covers strategies and analytics, the impact of regulatory requirements as well as the latest technological innovations in the field. The in-depth analysis is certainly something we benefit from and recommend to our clients. So, you can imagine our delight when the guys at Automated Trader called upon our wisdom and asked for some inspirational insights on financial services cloud adoption trends, especially across asset management and trading.

Financial Services Cloud Adoption

By kind permission from Automated Trader, the full PDF of the article is available here, but to whet your appetite here’s a quick synopsis…
“Cloud adoption is causing a seismic shift in how technology businesses operate. Whilst not a new phenomenon, ‘the cloud’ (or rather, the adoption of cloud based services) is certainly becoming more mainstream. It represents the largest disruption in enterprise computing since the advent of the PC, and it is moving rapidly into the asset management community. As with any technological disruption, there are challenges and opportunities.”
We feel that there are few technical challenges to prevent the cloud adoption in trading environments. Whether born in the cloud as a startup, or moving to it from in-house or private cloud deployments, the cloud is there for the taking. We are certain that the Automated Trader team will continue to inspire with their posts. We wish them all the best with the next issues and we’d be happy to contribute again in the future! To learn more about our fully managed cloud service, visit our site //hentsuprod.wpengine.com/why-hentsu/ And to stay abreast of all the automated trading news, subscribe to the regular print and digital issues from the Automated Trader: //www.automatedtrader.net/


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600 5th ave. NY, NY