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In today's turbulent, yet thriving, digital market everyone is doing their best to stay afloat. COVID-19 has affected the entire business landscape, from health and economy, to IT and financial. People are still collaborating and reaching out to each other to overcome challenges and achieve success. Achieving long-term success, as opposed to short-term gains, is a healthy way to structure more sustainable businesses.

For that purpose, migrating to the public cloud space is where companies have found flexibility and immensely valuable tooling. Hentsu’s ongoing Microsoft Modern Workplace Webinar series touches on these topics and more. We introduce viewers to a variety of ways to enhance public cloud security for complex business workloads. We offer our expertise to various enterprises across the financial plain, including hedge funds, asset managers and so on. 

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Pushing the Limits of Microsoft Modern Workplace – Teams Edition

We explain the functionalities and features of MS Teams, one of the most valuable tools to increase productivity and collaboration. Meet from anywhere, chat from anywhere, call from anywhere…

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Boosting Security & Stability with Microsoft Intune

Hentsu veterans explore the many aspects of Microsoft Intune in increased BYOD scenarios, and more.
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Boosting Security & Stability with Conditional Access

Discover more about valuable security MS tooling, including Device Protection, Mobile Application, and Compliance.
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Boosting Security & Stability with Cloud App Security

Check out detailed coverage of security and stability in a remote work environment, as we dive into Cloud App Security.
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Boosting Security & Stability with Azure Information Protection & DLP

Establish powerful security and eliminate the risk of losing personally identifiable information With Azure Information Protection.

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Date(s) - 01/01/1970
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM


600 5th ave. NY, NY