Yesterday, AWS officially confirmed the launch of Amazon Braket. It’s being hailed as a service that provides a development environment allowing customers to explore and design quantum algorithms. The aim is to enable experimentation and practice with quantum computing. You can run quantum algorithms of your choice of quantum processors based on diverse technologies (D-Wave, IonQ, Rigetti etc.).

Cloud Benefits and Quantum Computing

Naturally, the service relies on the power of the cloud, and that means in addition to functionality and scalability, you also have the pay-as-you-go model and you’re only paying for the compute resources that are being used. Quantum computers achieve their colossal computing power by introducing quantum physics into processing power. What’s more, quantum computing surpasses the potential of ordinary computers. In other words, it implements the laws of quantum mechanics, hence you get significantly more powerful tools for processing information. This represents potentially incredible discoveries that may change energy storage, chemical engineering, financial portfolio optimization, machine learning, and so on. “As we see quantum computing technologies make more meaningful progress, thousands of customers are asking for ways to experiment with quantum computers to explore the technology’s potential and contribute to its development,” said Bill Vass, Vice President, Technology, at AWS. “The cloud will be the main way that customers access quantum computers and combine those systems with high-performance classical computing for certain types of computationally-intensive research. Amazon Braket makes it easy for organizations to begin experimenting with quantum computing today—from those just beginning to explore the possibilities to those that are already familiar with different quantum technologies and are ready to use it as a research tool. Our goal for Amazon Braket is to be a catalyst for innovation across the quantum community, bringing together hardware and software developers, researchers, and end users.”

Quantum Applications and Quantum Machine Learning

Things are now even going beyond cloud based quantum computing. Creating valuable applications with quantum computing is the first step towards the future and it appears that future is already here. As AWS already points out, a quantum application “requires new skills and potentially radically different approaches to problem solving. Building this expertise will take time and requires access to quantum technologies and programming tools." Also, as we step into an age where machine learning is dominating the technology scene, we’ll see that colliding with quantum computing. The result is quantum machine learning, which is going to offer methods for systems to learn from data, identify patterns, and make decisions autonomously. It also leads to richer class of learning models. Not to mention having scalable error-corrected quantum computers with highly advanced recommendation systems. The first step to realizing this potential is to get your apps cloud-ready. For a custom application transformation roadmap, reach out to our cloud experts!


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