Why firms are leaving the Private Cloud for the Public Cloud...

Take Control of Your Data and Systems

In the public cloud you own the keys to your data and systems. It is not locked away behind a service provider.

Secure Your Business with Robust Security

Be small, but act big with industry leading security, encryption and access control. Hold the data encryption keys so that even your cloud provider can not access the data.

Leverage Unparalleled Resilience for Your Business

Leverage multiple layers of resiliency and deployment options to keep your business running. Deploy efficiently and seamlessly across different cloud providers and multiple regions.

Access Innovative Features and Functionality

You know where you want to go as a business, the technology and your private cloud provider should not hold you back. Leverage features traditionally available for large firms, at a fraction of the cost.

Streamline Your Business with Cost Efficient Technology

Transparent billing which scales with your needs. Reduce your upfront capital expenditure, and pay only for what you use with utility computing and flexibility of even per second commitments.

Migration to Public Cloud Case Studies

Hentsū have been migrating and deploying clients to the public cloud since 2015, helping them transform their technology and their business.

Long-Short Fund

12 users, NY office
Email and file sharing
Roaming laptop users

Private Cloud Challenges

Limited collaboration tools
Slow file shares
Limited functionality for laptop users

Achieved on Public Cloud

Less outages, more self-sufficient
More efficient collaboration and conferencing
Integrated phone system
Savings: $33k/year
100% in Azure / Office 365

Quant Fund

30 users, London, NY, Singapore
Email, file shares, VDI
Research, big data and machine learning

Private Cloud Challenges

No quant knowledge from legacy MSP
Limited compute power and scale
No functional devops environment

Achieved on Public Cloud

Workloads scale efficiently
Integrated code pipelines into production
Per second pricing
Savings: $71k/year
100% in Office 365 / Google Cloud

Multi-Asset Manager

110 users, 5 global offices
Research, risk & trading applications
Fully VDI across offices

Private Cloud Challenges

New servers/systems deployed in weeks
Patchy support, outages & security failures
Visibility of other MSP’s client data

Achieved on Public Cloud

True enterprise grade security
New systems deployed in minutes, not weeks
Development team self-service
Savings: $110k/year
100% in Office 365 / Azure / AWS

Stuck in the legacy Private Cloud?

See how you can take control of your data and systems, increase security, resilience and functionality and even save costs.

With almost three years of experience deploying asset managers to the public cloud, Hentsū can help with your migration.