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Embrace the scalability, flexibility and power of the public cloud.



We deliver strategic, enterprise-level cloud transformation solutions that unite the technology across every facet of your business.



We know how important security is to Financial Services, so we ensure enterprise-grade security is at the core of everything we build.



We work hard to transform legacy, monolithic infrastructure into flexible, modular architecture that adapts with your business.



Automation through code relieves your critical resources of the heavy lifting, thus bringing core value and innovation to your business.

Stuck in the Legacy Private Cloud?

Talk with cloud experts. Find out how you can leverage the power of the public cloud, while staying cost-efficient, resilient and focused on business value.

Enterprise Cloud Solutions


Through agile, cloud-based solutions you can unlock creative, forward-thinking, and efficient internal collaboration. Achieve technological innovation through powerful modern-day tools for communication, development and management.


Big data management handled with care, expertise and secure cloud-powered tools. Arm your research teams with controlled, scalable compute resources that enable powerful data analysis at a fraction of the time and cost.


Transform your application stack through professional strategy design sessions and comprehensive application migration roadmaps. Use the benefits of code-based configuration and release management processes and enhance the mobility of your applications through flexible containerization.

Solutions Library


At Hentsu, everything from complex development to data management and cloud engineering is built in code and stays in code. Don’t reinvent the wheel, automate your cloud deployments and configuration through our Terraform and Ansible module libraries.

Strong Collaboration and Partnerships with Industry Leaders


Building out a public cloud adoption strategy?

Talk with our cloud experts. Set up a cloud strategy session with one of our Cloud Solutions Architects to get started on your cloud journey today.

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Hentsu Tech News Round-up #19

Hentsu Tech News Round-up #19

Unfolding before us is the new digital market. The latest services and tools arriving from some of the chief cloud providers are showing how much the digital scene is evolving towards the public cloud. Various advantages are brought to diverse fields, including...

Case Study: Serverless Research Platform in Azure

Case Study: Serverless Research Platform in Azure

The ChallengeAn established asset manager approached us with a research platform challenge. Their application brought together market data with their own research and opinions into one view to create and evaluate their...

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Clients come to us because we are motivated by innovation and vision. We use our knowledge to help financial services firms as they look for ways to make their own mark in a dynamic market. Their own businesses thrive thanks to powerful cloud-based solutions, code-driven tech and technological agility.

With devoted experts, talented minds and ever-growing global reach, Hentsu continues to expand. We have an established presence in London, New York, Boston, Belgrade & Bangkok offering follow-the-sun 24×7 support.

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