Our Story

The story behind Hentsū

Hentsū grew out of the need of asset managers to evolve beyond the traditional resource and capital heavy IT model, allowing managers to scale up or down, pivot strategies, and adapt to changing market opportunities at a moment’s notice – securely, efficiently, and on demand. As the first managed service provider specializing in public cloud environments for hedge funds and asset managers. We build on the 3 major cloud platforms: Amazon AWS, Google, and Microsoft Azure with a fully managed service. Hentsū is comprised of a team of forward thinking and experienced architects, engineers, and programmers. We deliver first-class service and innovative technology to our clients.

Hentsū Vision

” technological adaptability and resourcefulness to solve asset management challenges ” 

 Hentsū Experience

The Hentsū team comes from demanding backgrounds of trading, fund services and cloud technology. We understand what matters and we aim to be the smartest asset management technologist at the table. We have the perfect blend of skills and expertise to build for and support the next generation of asset managers. Hentsū currently has over 50 hedge fund clients of all sizes with a total AUM of over 500bn across London, New York, and Boston. 

Hentsū Growth


office locations globally

hedge fund clients with 500BN+ AUM

supported users globally

servers under management

Hentsū Expertise


Evangelising reliable, scalable performance and security across your corporate IT


Designing and enabling your transition to an efficient, bespoke cloud solution


Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning with our proven data science capability


Understanding the toolchain to support DTAP release strategies and Software Development Life Cycles

 Hentsū Journey


  • BC- Before Cloud
  • AWS becomes viable for hedge fund use. Handful of funds deploy limited use cases on AWS but still general reluctance to adopt public cloud.
  • Microsoft follows AWS

The Start

  • Hentsū officially launched
  • Smaller client engagements
  • 2 employees by year end

Early Growth

  • First large client
  • First Asia client
  • NY office launched
  • First US-only client
  • Onboarded several >420bn funds onto AWS
  • Hentsū becomes AWS and Microsoft partner
  • 11 employees

New Territory

  • Migrated first large fund fully to cloud
  • Delivers first data science and machine learning project
  • First trading support managed service
  • Belgrade office launched
  • Full 24/7 global support
  • 20 employees

First Investment

  • Boston office launched
  • First Boston client
  • Achieved $1m for net new sales in US
  • Managed Service team scaled out
  • Delivery team formed
  • CS NEXT, Raptor and Falconwood investment
  • Microsoft Tier 1 CSP
  • Microsoft Silver partner status for UK & US
  • 53 employees


  • New monitoring platform
  • New ticketing system & portal
  • Hentsū Corp v.2 to be launched
  • Data Science v.1
  • Ambitious product/services roadmap
  • 58 Employees

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