MS Teams: Powering-up Collaboration

In these turbulent times, and with an increased need to work remotely, people are striving towards better and faster communication. During the past several months, as the world faces a global crisis, we are seeing more cloud-powered solutions that help businesses streamline their workflow and increase their productivity. Microsoft Teams has already brought a variety of innovative elements. MS is taking huge steps to improve the efficiency of business communication, by adding a rich assortment of features for video meetings, calls, chats, as well as new IT administration controls, fresh features for developers, etc.  

Microsoft Teams – Collaboration Enhanced  

Feast your eyes on a whole new range of options that are both useful and fun 

  • More Simultaneous videos in Teams meetings – Microsoft increased the number of simultaneous videos during Teams meetings from 4 to 9. 
  • Raise Hands – Click on the ‘raise hand’ icon, politely have your say, without interrupting whoever is speaking.  
  • Background effects – Choose from a variety of cool backgrounds or create your own branded custom background.  
  • Tasty visual improvements – Background Blur for iOS, and Live captions in iOS and Android were added. 

Microsoft 365 Live Event Limit Boosted  

Satisfying today’s communication needs, the MS 365 package features increased limit for live events hosted in Microsoft Teams, Stream and Yammer.  

  • 10,000 attendees 
  • 50 events hosted across one tenan 

Microsoft is allowing 100,000 attendees via the Live Events Assistance Program, through October 1, 2020.  

IT Admin Features – Meeting and Dashboard Controls   

Upgradedmeetings and dashboardallow for instant meetings and calls for user feedbackThe additions also help use Power BI capabilities, while other enhancements include Local Media Optimizationand more.  

Develop, Stay Safe and Educate

The new iteration of Microsoft Teams features Power Automate triggersallowing users to build flows directly in TeamsAlso, you can keep protocols with compliance recording – for companies within regulated industries 

MS is also helping folks educate others, and they are offering instructions on how to set up your classroom for better remote learning and education, improved safety and more 

Communication, Safety and Functionality  

Microsoft is clearly enhancing its powerful communication tool with more goodies, and increased functionality. Collaboration for remote working is now a vital part for business continuity.

On that note, we invite you to watch our detailed Microsoft Teams guide the Microsoft Modern Workplace, where you will get an extensive video guide on various improvements, and options.