Marko Djukic

Marko founded Hentsū in London 2015 to address the growing need for business and technological agility within the alternative investment industry. Marko has led the Hentsu expansion across 5 regions; scaling up to 65 staff to meet the global demand and nature of the industry. Marko’s vision for Hentsū is to drive agile transformation across financial services through public cloud technologies, SaaS and data science.

Prior to Hentsu, Marko led and managed technology for 8 years at a large quant hedge fund, which provided demanding first-hand challenges within the industry and how to solve them. Across all of his previous roles, Marko is known for his innovative approach and ability to push the envelope. He has a keen eye for identifying and implementing state-of-the-art solutions that will revolutionize the way financial services apply public cloud technology to their business.

Marko is CEO and Chairman of the board and currently residing in New York with his family. Marko enjoys Sunday rugby with his kids and motorbiking when weather permits.