Hentsu Tech News Round-up #2

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Microsoft Launches Industry-specific Cloud Solutions, Starting with Healthcare

The cloud space has proven its immense value over the past several months, as the entire world marches against the global health threat known as COVID-19. Microsoft is further contributing to the fight against this crisis with its MS Cloud for Healthcare – a cloud solution custom-tailored for healthcare providers.

“More than ever, being connected is critical to create an individualized patient experience,” writes Tom McGuinness, corporate vice president, Worldwide Health at Microsoft, and Dr. Greg Moore, corporate vice president, Microsoft Health, in today’s announcement. “The Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare helps healthcare organizations to engage in more proactive ways with their patients, allows caregivers to improve the efficiency of their workflows and streamline interactions with Classified as Microsoft Confidential patients with more actionable results.”

News via TechCrunch.

Barely Any Companies are Using Cloud Computing to the Fullest

Brand new research has indicated that quite a few organizations aren’t getting the most out of cloud tech and cloud computing systems, regardless of the many advantages that come with it.

Here’s a snippet: “It’s great to see that more organizations are seeing the value in multi-cloud IT environments,” said Nigel Moulton, Global Chief Technology Officer, Dell Technologies.

News via TechRadar.

China’s Got a New Plan to Overtake the U.S. in Tech

Word is that Beijing is boosting its efforts to win the race of global domination in key tech, with plans to dish out over a trillion dollars into the economy via wireless networks, AI and similar investments.

“Nothing like this has happened before, this is China’s gambit to win the global tech race,” said Digital China Holdings Chief Operating Officer Maria Kwok, as she sat in a Hong Kong office surrounded by facial recognition cameras and sensors. “Starting this year, we are really beginning to see the money flow through.”

News via Bloomberg.

Quantum Computers Will Change the World

Quantum computing may, in fact, alter how business and technology work on a global scale. It could potentially transform medicine, radically improve AI, and communications and more. If the industry tells us anything, it’s that major industry players have been racing for years to get to this technology, including IBM, Microsoft and Google.

Here’s a sample: “Right now, supercomputers can only analyze the most basic molecules. But quantum computers operate using the same quantum properties as the molecules they’re trying to simulate. They should have no problem handling even the most complicated reactions.”

News via Wired.