Hentsu Tech News Round-up #15

The powerful influence of the cloud is causing some major players on the tech market to think and act differently. Apart from that, we are witnessing more and more progress on the world of quantum computing.

It’s time to dig into this week’s Hentsu tech news round-up. Enjoy!

Huawei Focuses on Cloud Computing to Secure its Survival

The hottest story straight, as published by Financial Times, indicates that Chinese company’s Huawei is focusing on its growing cloud business, despite the sanctions. The company is looking to ensure its survival, and the cloud space is just the right opportunity.

Here’s a tidbit: Several people involved in Huawei’s cloud business said the unit was stepping up its offerings. “We will continue to provide customers with a package of [cloud] services and products,” said a person at Huawei familiar with the strategy. The quality of the chips in it may not be as good as before, but for the other products that are not impacted, we will offer something with a little better quality, and the customers can accept it.”

Read the full story at FT.

Microsoft Has a Plan to Try to Improve Azure Outage Assistance

One of the biggest problems with cloud outages (apart from the outage itself, of course), is potentially bad communication throughout the process. Now, Microsoft are working hard to bring the best communication around Azure outages. Company reps claim MS is evolving the way it is alerting Azure users regarding outages. The idea is to employ the same commitment for Microsoft 365 and Power Platform services.

Here’s the sample: “We are also in the early stages of expanding our use of AI-based operations to identify related impacted services automatically and, upon mitigation, send resolution communications (for supported scenarios) as quickly as possible,” reveals Sami Kubba, a principal program manager overseeing Azure’s outage communications process.

Read more at ZDnet.

8 Trends Accelerating the Age of Commercial-ready Quantum Computing

Last week’s news has seen a few interesting developments on the quantum computing scene. While many challenges yet need to solved in order for quantum computing to enter the world of mainstream technology, experts are now saying that we are closer than ever.

If you’re interested in learning more about quantum computing, you might want to have a gander at these “eight emerging trends and predictions that will accelerate quantum computing readiness for the commercial market in 2021 and beyond.”

Check out the full article at TechCrunch.