Hentsu Tech News Round-up #6

Incoming news, people. As we march on through the year 2020, an increasing amount of tech companies are focusing on automation and code driven operations. Numerous major shifts are happening in IT, but more importantly, most of it rests on the shoulders of cloud computing. Join us as we dig into the latest scoops from the technology and cloud scene.

Cloud Spending Jumps in 2020, As COVID-19 Increases Demand for Collaboration

Another confirmation has just hit the news scene that the demand for cloud services is on the rise. COVID-19 is still very much an ongoing health crisis all over the globe, and this has triggered the need to instant cloud-based services and tools.

Data gathered from a recent research indicates the latest numbers on cloud service usage.

Word is:

“The big takeaways from the report show an overall (but modest) increase on cloud spending (2.2%) and a major drop (16.3%) on spending for non-cloud infrastructure.”

That’s right, the report does point to COVID-19 as the key variable that influenced cloud spending. Additional information was released in the report, saying that remote work has “increased demand for cloud-based consumer and business services driving additional demand for server, storage, and networking infrastructure utilized by cloud service provider datacenters.”

News via TechRepublic.

Microsoft Boosts UK Cloud Computing with Azure Launches

According to the latest news from MS, fresh cloud services are on the way, including three cybersecurity tools. Also, Microsoft released 10 brand new cloud computing services specifically for their UK Azure regions.

The tools are being touted as innovative and utilizing the latest tech to keep data secure.

“Microsoft continues to invest in our UK Azure regions to meet the growing needs of our customers. Azure is helping organisations, both large and small, adapt to a new way of working, and our cloud experts continue to help them at this challenging time,” said Michael Wignall, Azure Business Lead at Microsoft UK.

News via Official Microsoft Blog.

Amazon Launches Cloud Service to Help Non-coders Build Apps

It must be said that Amazon has been dominated on the cloud infrastructure market, especially in the last few years or so. The industry cloud and e-commerce veteran is upgrading its cloud-related product lineup. The specific tool is called the Honeycode service and is officially described as a tool for people who do not code. Shocking, right?

Naturally, this is AWS’s strategic effort to The Honeycode service will compete with offerings from cloud challengers Google and Microsoft.

Here’s a snip: “The service is free for up to 20 users and as many 2500 rows of data in a spreadsheet that’s part of the product. AWS will charge based on storage and number of users. Longtime AWS customers Slack and SmugMug are among those planning to use the service, the company said. The service is available today, currently in one AWS region. AWS plans to make it possible to export data from Honeycode, Vaidyanathan.”

News via CNBC and AWS.