Hentsu Tech News Round-up #5

Join us as we browse through a selection of fresh and exciting news stories. Hentsu’s weekly tech news roundup takes a peek at the latest and hottest topics within the current technology scene, the economy, gaming and, of course, the cloud.

Global Economy is Tanking, the Cloud Thrives

COVID-19 may have brought the world to its knees, but people are coping and surviving. Once again, the greatest cloud providers are rising to the occasion as the entire globe hops on the online bandwagon. In short, a majority of businesses are looking more prosperous as they migrate to the public cloud environment. And it’s not the first time we’ve heard this.

“Demand from travel and hospitality companies is down, but cloud usage to power gaming, videoconferencing, and remote learning has spiked up. Telehealth provider Amwell, an Amazon cloud customer, has seen video health visits increase more than tenfold due to Covid-19, serving as many as 45,000 per day.”

Also, “That new demand has sharpened the appetite for chips, disks, and networking gear—the physical components that power the cloud. Microsoft’s chief financial officer, Amy Hood, told investors last month that the company expects to spend more on cloud computing infrastructure due to increased demand spurred by Covid-19.”

News via Wired.

Businesses Set to Spend Big on Cloud this Year, Security Projections Shift

As more and more companies turn to cloud adoption, security spending to is also set to grow 2.4% to reach $123.8 billion in 2020, which is a bit down when compared to last year’s projections. With cloud-based delivery models helping protect a bulk of security in the industry, growth is slower but investable.

Have a peek: “Cloud infrastructure was found to be the biggest driver of this rise, with over three-quarters (76 percent) increasing their use of platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure….”

“Cloud spending has soared in 2020 so far due to the increased need for remote working capabilities brought on by the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, but this trend is set to continue even as workers begin to return to the office, according to a survey by Snow Software.”

News via TechRadar UK.

Apple Is Building the Perfect Laptop for Remote Work

The world is changing, the economy is reshaping, and the modern-man’s stay-at-home workplace is now the “new normal.” As a result, the biggest manufacturers and IT companies are adapting to this situation fast. Apple is no exception. Right now they are devoted to creating and launching the new “perfect laptop.”

Yep, tech industry giant is expected to officially make the switch to in-house ARM processor-powered Macs. The announcement is most likely going to occur during WWDC 2020, which is just around the corner.

The ARM-based chips “are the same processors that power the iPhone and iPad. Before you wonder why Apple would stick a smartphone processor in a laptop, it’s worth mentioning that it wouldn’t be the first (Samsung and Microsoft already do) and that the A12Z and A13 chips in Apple’s devices are as powerful as the processors in many laptops.”

News via Inc.

PlayStation 5 Announced, Featuring Cloud Functionality

Last week Sony finally uncovered the full details and the appearance of their upcoming console, the PlayStation 5. One of the more interesting moments is Sony promising to dish out two version on the market – one with a 4K UHD Blu-ray Drive and the other that’s going to be digital only (in other words, you order your games, movies and apps online and directly to the console, as the current trends dictate).

Another cool piece of info is that the PS5 was confirmed to offer cloud functionality: “We are cloud-gaming pioneers,’ PlayStation hardware architect Mark Cerny explained to Wired when asked about cloud functionality, “our vision should become clear as we head towards launch.”

Meanwhile, “game sizes should smaller or, at least, better optimized. Due to the SSD-only solution with the PS5, developers will no longer need to duplicate data to make a standard 5400 RPM read faster.“

Learn more about the new PS5 console at EG.