Hentsu Tech News Round-up #17

Have you ever heard that cloud computing benefits PC gaming? Well, it’s about time you have. Today’s dose of tech news shows exactly what kind of efforts MS is making to enhance the benefits of cloud computing for gamers. We also take a peek at what’s going on in the financial sector, where we see huge financial players including BoA partnering with IBM for “confidential” computing services.

Enjoy the Hentsū’s weekly tech news round-up!

Bank of America, Daimler, and Apple Partnering with IBM for Confidential Computing Services

It appears that there’s going to be a push to provide public cloud services with production-ready confidential computing capabilities able to protect data, applications, and processes.

Word is that for two years, IBM has been deploying confidential computing capabilities in the IBM Cloud and Rohit Badlaney, vice president of IBM Z Hybrid Cloud, said it is the only public cloud with “production-ready confidential computing capabilities able to protect data, applications and processes.”

Badlaney adds: “We’ve had tremendous success over the last four to five years in generalizing and commercializing the confidential computing technology into an entire family of cloud services. Our point of view on confidential computing is that the trusted execution environment is interesting but you want to surround it with a set of services that also leverage the same kind of underlying hardware and software innovation in confidential computing.”

Find out more over at TechRepublic.

Microsoft Wants to Take on Amazon in Connecting Satellites to the Cloud

The latest scoop is that technology giant Microsoft is aiming to challenge Amazon in bringing a service that connects satellites directly to the company’s cloud computing network. The news comes after the company filed documents with the Federal Communications Commission last month. Now, the FCC authorized MS to perform proof-of-concept demonstrations.

This particular strategy places MS in direct competition with Amazon. Back in November 2018 Amazon launched a similar AWS Ground Station service.

“If the demonstrations result in significant market interest, Microsoft will file an application for regular earth station authority with the International Bureau (IB) to support future commercial operations,” the company stated.

Check out the full story at CNBC.

MS Flight Simulator 2020 Realizes the True Next-generation Potential of Azure Cloud Computing in PC gaming

This is definitely not the first occasion we’ve seen that cloud computing holds great potential for gaming. Now, Microsoft shares its vision to push the benefits of Azure Cloud a bit more towards the gaming scene.

Here’s the word: “The core of Microsoft Flight Simulator lies within Microsoft Azure. From its hyper realistic flight handling to gorgeous visuals, Microsoft’s cloud computing elevates the game into a technical marvel. In order to ‘somewhat accurately’ create every inch of the entire globe with incredible detail, Microsoft Flight Simulator uses data from Bing Maps to generate 3D models including terrain, roads, vegetation, buildings and other real world materials. Using an internet connection, the game streams all of these two petabytes worth of data in real time.”

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