Hentsu Tech News Round-up #14

Every bit of the technology scene is seeing progress, and for the past few months we’ve seen quite a wide range of innovative solutions coming to the cloud. More than that, we are also witnessing the birth of quantum computing, which they say is going to be the next stage of cloud computing. We’ve also learned about some significant discoveries in the domain of machine learning and AI. For example, in one of our recent weekly news round-ups, we’ve discovered how artificial intelligence can now learn unsupervised at the speed of light.

Dig into the latest scoops in the Hentsu weekly tech news round-up.

Universal Filmed Entertainment Group and MS Azure Announce Partnership to Accelerate Live-action and Animation Productions

In the past year or so Microsoft added some rather cool and unique features to its cloud-based services. Lately, MS Teams launched diverse additions that are great for meetings and collaboration in general. Today, we’ve learned that Universal Filmed Entertainment Group and Microsoft a officially entered a strategic partnership to “cloud-optimize live-action and animation productions.”

The goal here is to give creative communities to opportunity to utilize cloud-based production workflows, thus unlocking improved remote collaboration and content creation. In addition, teams can now extend DreamWorks Animation’s cutting-edge production platform to include live-action production. Those workflows are then brought into Microsoft Azure.

“Together with customers like Universal and DreamWorks, we are prioritizing cloud + edge technologies to help transform workflows, increase production output and reduce friction for creatives,” said Hanno Basse, media and entertainment CTO, Microsoft Azure. “Working together, we aspire to create technology for the industry, with the industry, so they can tell stories the world loves.”

Read the full scoop at Microsoft News.

Foiling Fraud with Machine Learning

For the past year or so there has been a lot of developments in tech, especially in terms of digital transformation. While some regarded as nothing more than a buzzword, the latest achievements in tech have indicated otherwise. However, as more and more people are going digital, this makes them more open to fraud.

Word is “In a highly dynamic environment where fraudsters are discovering new attack vectors every day, it’s critical for fraud prevention teams to be able to detect threats and respond quickly. Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) approaches can help by spotting patterns in previous fraud cases and using them to detect suspicious behavior by customers, employees or systems.”

Check out the full story at TechRadar.

IBM Hits New Quantum Computing Milestone

Recently, an array of developments have occurred in the world of quantum computing, with some cool solutions already appearing on the market. For instance, AWS launched Amazon Bracket, which offers a development environment allowing customers to explore and design quantum algorithms.

Now, IBM has revealed they have reached a new quantum computing milestone, @hitting its highest Quantum Volume to date. Using a 27-qubit client-deployed system, IBM achieved a Quantum Volume of 64.”

“IBM’s full-stack approach gives a unique avenue to develop hardware-aware applications, algorithms and circuits, all running on the most extensive and powerful quantum hardware fleet in the industry,” Jay Gambetta, IBM Fellow and VP of IBM Quantum, said in a statement.

Read the rest of the story at ZDnet.