Hentsu Tech News Round-up #13

This week packs plenty of interesting and fresh stories from the tech scene. Some of the major players in the industry are making key decisions towards further development and investment into cloud computing. In addition, we’re seeing more stats pour in, indicating growth of cloud tech.

32% of IT Budgets Will Be Dedicated to the Cloud By 2021

There’s an increasing number of reports indicated that cloud tech is powering a majority of enterprises’ business strategies. According to the latest info, 92% of enterprises claim their infrastructure, applications, and data analytics relies on the cloud. It’s been forecast that predicted that this usage will experience a 95% in 18 months.

Another crucial statistic is that, 54% of enterprises’ cloud-based applications migrated “from on-premises to environment to the cloud.”

Word is that “enterprises with over 1K employees are investing an average of $158M on cloud infrastructure and applications this year, $84.2M more than the average spending level of their peers. Cloud’s dominance in the enterprise continues to grow, with 32% of total IT budgets being allocated to cloud computing in the next year, up from 30% in 2018. Further validation of cloud winning the enterprise is the 59% jump in the average cloud investment since 2018.”

Read more at Forbes.

Cloud Technology is Transforming Public Services 

Thanks to easy access, scalability and the ability to use as needed, cloud technology is becoming vital to individual users, as well as huge businesses. This article examines why that is.

Here’s a snip: “In addition to unparalleled health challenges, COVID-19 brought disruption to the global economy, directly impacting consumers and financial institutions. Cloud technology has helped the public sector manage record-breaking volumes and skyrocketing demand for financial relief. As governments around the world implemented economic relief packages, they had to quickly build loan application portals that could scale to meet unprecedented demand.”

Check out the rest of the story at the Economic World Forum.

Google’s new BigQuery Omni will let developers Query Data in GCP, AWS and Azure

Google recently announced a wide range of updates the company will be adding to its cloud portfolio, chief among which is the private alpha launch of BigQuery Omni. This particular tool is powered by Google Cloud’s Anthos hybrid-cloud platform. Utilizing its engine, BigQuery Omni gives developers a chance to analyze data from multiple clouds, which denotes data from the company’s main competitors such Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

“Our customers store petabytes of information in BigQuery, with the knowledge that it is safe and that it’s protected,” said Debanjan Saha, the GM and VP of Engineering for Data Analytics at Google Cloud, in a press conference ahead of today’s announcement. “A lot of our customers do many different types of analytics in BigQuery. For example, they use the built-in machine learning capabilities to run real-time analytics and predictive analytics. […] A lot of our customers who are very excited about using BigQuery in GCP are also asking, ‘how can they extend the use of BigQuery to other clouds?’ ”

The entire news story can be found at TechCrunch.

France’s Orange and Google Partner on Data, Cloud Computing

Google is making a major move in Europe, with the industry giant seizing the opportunity to form a strategic partnership with Orange, France’s biggest telecoms company. It was noted that the partnership covers data, artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing services.

What’s more, Google is going to cloud tech expertise, analytics and AI tools, with Orange building a next-gen data analytics and machine-learning platform (utilizing Google tech).

“Google has been a long-term partner of Orange and, as Google is eager to invest in Europe – and especially in France – to develop new data centres, this is the perfect time to work on new services and opportunities in French and European markets,” Orange chairman and CEO Stephane Richard said in a statement.

Read the full story at Reuters.