Hentsu Tech News Round-up #12

The scorching summer of 2020 is bringing a lot of exciting stories from the world of cloud computing. The latest wave of Hentsu tech news indicates increased usage of cloud computing capabilities, and sees some interesting developments in astronomy and science in general, and what’s cool about it is that it all rests on the power of the cloud.

AWS Revenues Soar Due to Cloud Computing Success

Last week, we have seen both Microsoft and Google reporting a rise in revenue. MS attributed the company’s growth in the last three months to their Azure, Surface, and Xbox products, while Google parent company, Alphabet, reported cloud revenue growth of 43% percent, contributing to the annual revenue run rate for Google Cloud.

This time around “… Amazon Web Services (AWS) also saw a 29% growth in revenues for its Q2, marking another few months of success for the cloud giant.”

Read the full story at TechRadar.

Migrating Big Astronomy Data to the Cloud

This interesting report features six lessons from astronomy’s adoption of cloud computing. It was emphasized that with cloud adoption growth, numerous benefits were immediately available.

“There are definitely times when projects involving just mid-size data can see a lot of benefits from cloud computing,” reveals Ivelina Momcheva, a mission scientist at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, Maryland.

In addition to that, saving time was a huge factor. “If it takes nine months to process your analyses at your data center, but one month on the cloud for the same cost, that difference of eight months becomes very interesting,” Juric notes.

Check out the full story over at Nature.com.

Atos Working on UK’s Largest AI Supercomputer

International consulting firm Atos has revealed that it is collaborating with the University of Oxford to deliver a new deep learning supercomputer. This is certainly not the first, nor is it indeed going to be the last time, that we see major investments happening in the direction of AI research and development.

Here’s a bit more info: “The latest of Atos’ supercomputing partnerships sees it collaborate with the prestigious University of Oxford, to create the largest AI supercomputer in the UK. The new four-year contract worth £5 million will see Atos work with the university to deliver a new system based around NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD architecture, enabling UK academics and industry to make significant developments in machine learning and artificial intelligence.”

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