Enhanced Cloud Security: Hentsū Seizes Another CSA Certification

Digital transformation is fast becoming a key focus in modern-day tech. With the increased use of big data and cloud computing, companies are swiftly transitioning to cloud-based security servicesWith this massive shift, businesses now are concerned with securing sensitive data that’s stored in the cloudRespective clients frequently ask for validation and assurance regarding necessary security and privacy measures. CSA Star attestation brings us one step closer to enhanced cloud security and helps us meet the today’s need for privacy, securitycompliance and so on 

As a result, broadening cloud security options is the way to goTo reflect the modern-day cloud technology landscape, Hentsū has enhanced its method of providcloud users with comprehensive security and an improved cloud environment. Hentsū ionce again part of the Cloud Security Alliance Registry and is thus reasserted as a prominent cloud security service provider two years in a row. The acknowledgment represents another vital steppingstone towards modernizing cloud technology and aligning cloud assurance with ground-breaking technology 

With certified security and reliability of cloud services, clients are now able to get a detailed account of various security facets, including audit assurance and compliance, application and interface security, business continuity management and operational resilience, change control and configuration management, data center security, infrastructure and virtualization security, threat and vulnerability management, and so on.  

Continuously performed DR (Disaster Recovery) and in-depth BCP (Business Continuity Planning) are part of the packageHent strives to get into business impact analysis, risk assessment and general business continuity strategyDR comes into play to evaluatall backups and making sure that redundant equipment vital to recovery is up-to-date and working.   

About CSA 

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) is the world’s leading organization dedicated to defining and raising awareness of best practices to help ensure a secure cloud computing environment. CSA harnesses the subject matter expertise of industry practitioners, associations, governments, and its corporate and individual members to offer cloud security-specific research, education, certification, events and products. CSA’s activities, knowledge and extensive network benefit the entire community impacted by cloud — from providers and customers, to governments, entrepreneurs and the assurance industry — and provide a forum through which diverse parties can work together to create and maintain a trusted cloud ecosystem.