Hentsū Data Platform

Our comprehensive solution set includes tools that address your data needs

By leveraging our quantitative and technology expertise, we provide a managed cloud-based service for quantitative data management to deliver usable data into your research and analytics processes.

Whether you have an established data team and are looking to increase efficiency and reduce costs or want to enhance your trading strategies with additional data, our Data Platform offering can adapt to fit your requirements.

Solutions for

1Quantitative Funds
2Non-quantitative Funds
3Funds looking to add quant workload
4A fund with two sources of data looking to do back-testing
5Funds leveraging quantamental research practices

Solutions Overview

  • Covers traditional and alternative market data
  • Your data is loaded into data warehouses
  • Data is ready to be consumed by your research, strategies or compute clusters
  • Available as a service with a monthly flat fee
  • Folds seamlessly into our corporate IT services for an all-encompassing managed technology solution


The Hentsū Data Platform offering allows you full ownership over your data and pairs it with the support of end-to-end system management. When you partner with us you will also gain:

  • Cost effective access to new data
  • On demand pricing, only pay when you are processing
  • Optimised data storage to reduce costs and increase performance
  • Full ownership over the data and final databases with complete integration into your environment
  • A partner with access to cloud scale databases
  • Speed and efficiency with the ability to run hundreds of pipelines at the same time with no performance loss
  • Usage flexibility which allows you to scale the power of your database
  • The Data Warehouse supports ACID transaction logs, time travel and schema changes



Data Platform Sheet