Connect into Cloud Grid Computing

How do you process your research workloads?

Do you still use dedicated workstations or do you farm out to worker node clusters? It’s no question that grid computing is the future for research; firms moving away from traditional workstations to the grid not only experience lower operational costs, but also scalability, mobility and speedy research performance. The Hentsū mission is to help firms make the migration from traditional research tools to cloud-based grid computing.

Cloud Grid Computing is the future for research

  • Speedy research performance – Farming out large problems to be solved using parallel processing across many worker nodes or running multiple different jobs at once, speeds up research throughput.
  • Scalability –The elastic capacity of the cloud allows for the freedom to adjust your cloud grid computing resources based on immediate needs; scaling up or down as necessary. The dynamic nature of cloud infrastructure further permits an iterative evolution of the design or even very rapid changes as new research needs arise. This is a massive evolutionary step from the single researcher workstation we have been used to for many years.
  • Cost efficient – Unlike traditional research computing that may require upfront decisions on the technology and the purchasing of all the required machines before they can actually be used, cloud solutions eliminate the upfront cost of IT. Fast provisioning, flexible infrastructure and lower administration allow for lower cost of operations overall.
  • Mobility – Rather than being tied down to one location, your data and applications are available and accessible wherever you are and easily shared across multiple teams and offices.

Making quick changes to your strategies and backtesting against ever increasing market complexities present uphill battles. Grid computing alleviates unnecessary delays in job processing, creating faster output while allowing for quick adjustments to research strategies that might be failing.

Deploy your Cloud Grid Computing with Hentsū

We’ve built up a wealth of in-house expertise running grid computing workloads across all three major public cloud providers – Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Compute Engine. We can get you up and running quickly with pre-tested designs and architectures, greatly eroding the traditional pains and TCO for running grid computing while helping you cut through technology choices and management of big data.

Find out more about how grid computing can help maximize the efficiency of your research workloads at our upcoming New York event on January 25th