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Cloud Connectivity: Linking Offices Across Two Continents

By Hentsu | Friday 11 August 2017

Cloud connectivity: connecting transatlantic offices through the public cloud Forgoes expensive purchasing of capacity on monthly basis Offers flexibility in scale and highly cost-efficient Hentsu…

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Security Breaches: Why Prevention Trumps Damage-control

By Hentsu | Friday 23 June 2017

More questions around cyber security and the safety of the cloud arose this week when it was revealed that the personal information of almost 200…

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Cloud – Engineering Against Failure (Tools Included)

By Hentsu | Tuesday 14 March 2017

Amazon has always advised its customers to engineer for failure and to expect that individual servers or services will fail from time to time. Migrating…

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2017 Technology Trends

By Hentsu | Tuesday 28 February 2017

Technology Disruption Technology is becoming ever more important for hedge funds looking to gain a competitive advantage, especially in sectors that have been underperforming over…

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