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Cloud – Engineering Against Failure (Tools Included)

Cloud – Engineering Against Failure (Tools Included)

Amazon has always advised its customers to engineer for failure and to expect that individual servers or services will fail from time to time. Migrating to the public cloud does not remove the requirement for data backups, failover partners, or disaster recovery to... Read More
2017 Technology Trends

2017 Technology Trends

Technology Disruption Technology is becoming ever more important for hedge funds looking to gain a competitive advantage, especially in sectors that have been underperforming over the last few years. Technology can enable doing more with less. Hedge funds can optimize... Read More

Embracing Cloud for your Enterprise

It appears that just about any technology you use in your personal life touts some aspect of “cloud”. From Google Drive and DropBox to iCloud and OneDrive, companies are allowing users to wizard away their data to these services that magically don’t exist within their... Read More

FCA Cloud Guidance for Financial Services

Hey you; get off of my (public) cloud It appears the UK regulator might want to rewrite those famous Stones lyrics. It has truly been refreshing to see the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) adopt such a progressive attitude towards cloud services. Regulatory guidance... Read More

Trends in Financial Services Cloud Adoption

Automating your trading As smart technologists, we are always encouraged by efforts to support the next generation. Automated Trader is, we believe, blazing a trail in terms of ensuring the trading community stays ahead of the curve. Featuring insights from both... Read More