AI / Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Compliance: the “RegTech” Movement

By Hentsu | Tuesday 5 September 2017

The revolution in regulatory technology (“RegTech”) sees human cognition applied to reducing risks and costs Compliance and regulatory functions are still being performed using antiquated…

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Machine Learning: Portfolio Management

By Hentsu | Thursday 25 May 2017

Portfolio choice is a non-trivial problem faced by economic agents. In a nutshell, it involves making a decision regarding how one should distribute one’s wealth…

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Machine Learning: Factor Selection

By Hentsu | Wednesday 19 April 2017

Selecting factors is important in Quantitative Finance. Due to the explosion of information, it is becoming harder to select and monitor these factors without additional…

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Machine Learning: Practical Application in Trading

By Hentsu | Monday 10 April 2017

Machine Learning Overview Machine learning is emerging. The technique backing technologies such as Google’s game playing AlphaGO, self-driving cars, and cancer diagnosis assistants, is now…

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