Hentsū are now also in Boston!

Hentsū Growth

Hentsū is a public cloud managed service provider for hedge funds. Founded in London in 2015, Hentsū first opened doors in the US almost two years ago. Since then our New York City office has been expanding thanks to the rapid embrace of the public cloud across hedge funds.

Public cloud adoption in the financial services and especially in the hedge fund and asset management space continues to grow. To satisfy this demand we are always looking for ways to grow and expand our service.

We are now excited to be launching our Boston office!

Hentsū Boston

The Hentsū Boston presence allows us to better assist the region’s firms to unlock the full value of the public cloud. A local presence means we can partner more efficiently with clients throughout every phase of their transition to the public cloud. We handle everything from migrations of on-premise or private cloud infrastructure to designing the architecture for your trading and research environments.

We recognize the need for public cloud services for hedge funds in the Boston region where traditional legacy providers currently prevail. The market is demanding a shift for these funds to remain competitive and relevant, and we’re excited to be at the forefront leading the way. Marko Djukic


More Value with Public Cloud

An increasing number of asset management firms and hedge funds are rapidly embracing the value the public cloud has to offer. Hentsū can maximise the value of the public cloud to deliver a service for its clients which is unrivaled by any on-premise or private cloud.

We have been working with many asset managers, large and small, and across all asset classes. There are several consistent themes behind their move to the public cloud. Not only are firms able to access more features and functionality around collaboration, their applications and their data, but they do so with better security, resiliency and control of their systems. In most cases, firms can also achieve cost efficiencies over the on-premise or legacy private clouds.

More importantly, unlike private cloud solutions, Hentsū and the public cloud allow firms to be the only owners of their systems and their data. The end clients are always the account owners and have access to administrative rights.

About Hentsū

We have the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience to design, build and manage every aspect of your hedge fund technology. We offer next generation Corporate IT with cloud-based offerings such as O365 and OneDrive, Cloud Strategy Roadmap Design and Implementation, Data Science as a Service and Regulatory Technology solutions.

Talk to us about your public cloud strategy today. Contact us at hello@hentsu.com

Talk to us about your public cloud strategy today

Are you in Boston and need to improve how you run your hedge fund technology? Concerned with your legacy private cloud provider? Not getting the service you need?

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