Another Hedge Fund Milestone on Azure

Azure Customer Reference

Hentsu has recently achieved another significant customer reference in Azure. We were tasked by a major large hedge fund to deploy their large infrastructure, consisting of all of their trading, data and corporate services, into Azure US and UK. Not only was this accomplished with minimum hiccups, it also successfully marks one of the largest and unique migrations we have ever undertaken.

Over the last few years, we have steadily increased our Azure partner capabilities and the number of client deployments. This latest successful customer reference is another milestone in our growth and transition from start-up, to a company now almost in its second year.

Multi-cloud solution

Over time, Hentsu have completed a number of small and large Azure deployments. In fact, with any deployment onto a cloud-based platform, like AWS, we always advocate a backup of last resort on Azure and vice versa. Not only does this ensure that there is no vendor dependency, it also guarantees compliance with the regulatory requirements of asset managers. Backing up our deployments onto multiple clouds gives our clients reassurance that their private and valuable data is always readily available, even in the unlikely event something should go wrong.

In fact, knowing they can rely on cloud platforms, some of our larger clients have even chosen to run entirely on cloud platforms, including all their research, trading and execution, and desktops.

Features Across Multiple Clouds

We are strong advocates of using different cloud providers. However, competitive features from different clouds are usually not able to run alongside each other. The features are similar but not the same, which often means that there is the risk that the solution could end up using the lowest common denominator between multiple clouds. This means losing a lot of the native features and benefits of individual clouds in the process. There is a need to balance features and capabilities which are available across the different cloud providers with complexities of larger deployments.

We use abstraction layers in order to make the multiple cloud deployments run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We use our own deeply embedded automation and Terraform from Hashicorp in order to leverage the native efficiencies of the clouds as much as we can, keeping our deployment code simple and easily managed.

Azure for Hedge Funds

Hentsu has been one of the first partners to deploy an Azure WAN topology across US & EU, utilising Azure ExpressRoute Premium meshed with internet links. This unique network topology provides failover and redundancy not only between two Azure regions, but also the increased bandwidth and multiple routes to the Internet over direct fibre links through Azure utilising ExpressRoute and local ISP connections.


Azure ExpressRoute Premium WAN deployed by Hentsu

Some of the benefits of deploying onto Azure include the usual cloud OPEX flexibility and cost efficiencies. Azure also uniquely offers Office 365 integration, as well as identity management with Azure Active Directory.

Additionally, it has the benefit of productivity suite packages, that are now utilised universally in offices all over the world. This is also an added plus side for customers who have already bought software licenses from Microsoft, and are then able to utilise the same licenses for Azure. However, Microsoft also offer services that go beyond their productivity suite. They have spent significant amount of capital and time investing in diversifying the technologies they offer.

In addition to their cloud platform services and Microsoft Exchange servers, they also offer machine learning services, like their cognitive and data-processing services, and data-analysing services. Another of their recently unveiled platforms is the Time Series Insights, which allows users to stream real time data to it, like stock prices for example, storing them in a 30-day buffer during which analytics can be conducted. This is just one of the many services that Azure offer that aren’t as well known as Office 365. Azure’s flexibly and cost efficiency allows users to experiment with their products with no financial commitments, ensuring clients are only buying and using what works best for them.

How Hentsu can Help

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