Powered by Code

We Build Code to Deliver Solutions

What defines us is how we utilize our code experience to leverage cloud technologies. We have gained massive expertise and knowledge in the process, effectively driving new and better business solutions from code.

Our common language is – code.

Everything from complex development, to data management and cloud engineering is built in code and stays in code.

We aim for repeatability, consistency and security out of the box. We invest heavily into designing solutions which are code driven and heavy into automation.

The public cloud tech is by its nature software driven. And we embrace that approach to leverage its benefits to the max. We are experts in technologies such as Terraform, Ansible, and we rely heavily on leveraging any API we can get our hands on. Our solution deployments are Git backed, run through CI/CD platforms and leverage SDLC methodologies.

With in-house tech experts, Hentsu is also creating unique solutions, APIs and software packages upon these foundations to expose more value to our clients.


Repository of Hentsu knowledge


Hentsu continues to build its ever-evolving repository of our code knowledge – we embrace the coding philosophy, “if it isn’t in Git, it does not exist.”


Elegantly Handles Heavy Lifting



Terraform lays the groundwork for the cloud infrastructure across multiple platforms and providers; this encompasses containers and all instances.



Automate away your config pain

Terraform builds, Ansible automates. It’s a massive time saver and a welcomed addition to the ever-growing catalogue of automation solutions from Hentsu. 


The pipelines that integrate it all


With Continuous Integration, developers commit and validate new code at a very fast pace. Continuous Deployment tools automate the delivery of overall solutions to the production environments.



Self-documenting code



The low learning curve and open-source nature make Python the perfect ally for powering-up DevOps, thanks to extensive libraries, portability, readability and boosted productivity.


Cloud-powered services, tooling and solutions

Dive into our enterprise-grade core offering that unlocks valuable tooling, flexibility, scalability, improved security within the Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, AWS suite. 



Access turnkey solutions for intelligent enterprise-grade networking device management. Embrace the functionality of Cloud Network Management and improve productivity as you automate the process of managing multiple devices.