Experts in Designing, Building, and Managing Public Cloud Solutions for Asset Managers

Hentsū Accelerates Your Public Cloud Adoption

Start Up a New Hedge Fund

  • Strategic design roadmap
  • Scalable, secure and compliant solutions
  • Minimisation of capital expenditure
  • Start small act big
  • Virtual CTO expertise
  • Managed service or on-demand consultancy

Transform Established Infrastructure

  • Strategic design & migration roadmap
  • Overall efficiency increase
  • Expert migration of legacy applications
  • Leading edge industry knowledge
  • Managed service or on-demand consultancy

Leverage Cognitive Cloud

  • Optimise research time
  • Access new alpha opportunities
  • Meet regulatory requirements efficiently
  • Gain competitive advantage with AI and machine learning
  • Managed service or on-demand consultancy

Improve Security and Compliance Infrastructure

  • Centralise content, supply data, downstream systems and build in-house applications with native APIs
  • Perform reviews and high speed extraction of content
  • Security implemented from the ground up using latest public cloud tools
  • Secure and granular access for all users
  • Flexible and secure management of remote users
  • Multifactor authentication

Deploy Your Trading Technology Infrastructure Effortlessly

IT infrastructure should not be hard

Running IT for a fund is not supposed to be complex or time consuming. Yet, deploying commodity technology often takes weeks or months.

Imagine an automation and orchestration platform that deploys trading infrastructure components in minutes, with an ecosystem of multiple vendor solutions, market data, broker connectivity. All available on demand.

Hentsū provides this agile solution. We strip away the complexity and take care of the heavy lifting so you can focus on your trading strategies.